The Struggle is Real

It is nearly a month after Christmas and I am still suffering from what I am calling elf anxiety.

My soon to be mother-in-law, Felicia, got Steve’s kids two elves, who they named Jingle and Mr. Kringles.  At first, I was super excited to have some fun with these elves and the kids, but what I didn’t realize was how super creepy these things look!

Like, I have tons of questions!  Why do they look so creepy?!  Why do I feel like they are staring into my soul?!  Why do they insist on staring at the kids?!  Creepy evil dummies!

If I woke up and these Elves with flailing limbs were somewhere new in my house, I’d want to know how in hell that happened!  Hey!  Why are the elves sleeping in my damn tissues?!?!


Do elves really go on strike?!  Apparently ours know what a Union is….


This is the  perfect rendition of my life in December….


The struggle IS real!!!!  Until December you scary dudes…


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